aura design office is a design practice with a diversity of experience and expertise, from larger scale commercial projects overseas, specialisation in heritage restoration and conservation, to the small scale intrigue of residential and commercial projects locally.

In whatever context, aura design office seeks practical, appropriate, sustainable solutions; architecture with empathy for the environment, urban landscape and culture.

We are centrally located on the mid-north coast of NSW in the picturesque Bellingen Valley close to Coffs Harbour, serving the eastern seaboard.  Our address is your address: we come to you.

Are you planning to build or renovate and feel overwhelmed by the complexity of the undertaking and uncertain about the costs and benefits of engaging a design practitioner?  Read further…..(see aura services).

+ado building inspections: is an additional service provided by aura design office. When buying a property, an inspection examines condition, defects and safety and facilitates an informed decision. Inspections start at $440/incl. For further information see aura +ado services (under Search & Research) or go to www.adobuildinginspections.com.au.