Richard Eastman heads up aura design office design office; a small & emerging design practice, where the underlying message is a philosophy of context.  The context is our landscape and not just urban, natural or physical, but also our social and traditional fabrics.   We design with a mixture of wonder & responsibility. In form, substance, sense and emotion; design that cares for difference, to make a difference.


After completing a Bachelor of Building Science at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology and a Diploma of Architecture at the Centre for the Conservation of Historic Towns and Buildings at Catholic University of Leuven (Belgium), Richard Eastman ‘cultivated’ 1 and a half decades of URBAN experience in the Netherlands.  In this period the Modern movement continued it’s stampede of nuances.  Improved technologies, thriving economies and changing attitudes of initiators/developers has, in this period witnessed and delivered an exponential growth of higher quality projects.  The Netherlands, along with places like London, Berlin, Barcelona, Melbourne and Tokyo, were the place to be.  This professional experience in complex city planning interventions, has attuned the analytical tools needed in the practice of design See "pre-AURA" projects.


We now indulge in the set of local phenomenon and values that challenge regional architecture.  The REGIONAL experience is now.  We are located on the mid-north coast of New South Wales in Bellingen near Coffs Harbour. Currently working on smaller scale commercial projects and small/medium sized residential projects nationally and internationally.  We have a local network of resources to tackle larger projects.  See "AURA" for current projects.


aura design office also provides a high quality project documentation service on free-lance basis. We have completed over 40 projects in the last four years. Projects include a palette of medium to high end residential projects locally, as well as government, residential and commercial projects in Papau New Guinea.


The (re)search is continuing.