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Residential & Commercial

Are you planning to build or renovate and feel overwhelmed by the complexity of the undertaking and uncertain about the costs and benefits of engaging a design practitioner?

Our Aim is to make good design and planning accessible to the wider community.  We ensure a premium tailored design solution to your budget for an affordable price. The initial investment in sustainable design and planning solutions reaps it’s rewards in the 'triple bottom line':



Successful design outcomes are attained through a collaborative approach.  The client’s identity, future needs and conditions are distilled, developed and integrated into the design process where emphasis is placed on ongoing communication and analysis in each phase.


Design & Planning Services

Site Analysis

Design brief & programmatic development

Adjacency diagram/critical relationship/spatial diagrams

Circulation & planning assessment

Preliminary bushfire assessment for ‘non-integrated developments’

Environmental strategy development (residential)

BASIX – energy audit for single & dual occupancy residential development NSW

Solar passive design

CAD 3D modeling

Freelance drafting and project documentation service


Design Phases

Concept/sketch design (SD)

Development Applications (DA)

Construction Certificate  Applications(CC)

Working/contract/for construction drawings (CD)

Project Management (PM)

Built Design Analysis (BDA)


Heritage Conservation

Heritage Consultation / attribute analysis

Consolidation/restoration/conservation programmatic analysis

Restoration proposal and specification


+ado pre-purchase property & building inspections

Our home is often our most single largest investment and it's crucial for buyers to be fully aware of any defects. A pre-purchase property inspection is a comprehensive visual inspection that reports on the condition and safety of not only the exterior and interior of a building but also the site. They give the purchaser a clearer understanding of the condition, defects at the time of the inspection. The report is a vital tool in any further negotiations the client may be involved in.

Reporting method & investigation are bound by the Australian Standards series for Building Inspections AS4349 2007.

The cost for inspection & reports for a standard house start at $440-. Larger properties range $475 to $550 incl.

Our reports are thorough, objective and facilitate an informed decision making environment for all parties.


To simply order an inspection enter the property address and your contact details in the contact form, call 0433690073 or go to

Payment can be made by direct debit, credit card, cash or cheque.